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Work and Travel

There is so much out there to explore. Our work and travel program link you with great companies in the US. Be sure to learn as you enjoy a different environment

Study Abroad

ENC helps process your admission into US, Cyprus and German based university. From your application process to your arrival ENC guides you through

Short/summer courses overseas

Thinking of where to spend the summer? why not pick up a short professional course in the US. We link you with institutes where you can develop your career.

Scholarships overseas

Finding and applying for a suitable scholarship is not easy. ENC searches for scholarships you are qualified for and guides you through application process

Research Assistance

Our research assistance in ENC help you carry out a wide range of research. Need an assistant in your PhD or Masters research? We at ENC got your back

Guidaince and counselling

Accepting to settle and build a profession could be very difficult. ENC guides you through making quality decisions in your education and career

Steps in Our Works

Our process on creating awesome projects.

    Any of our services can be requested by sending an email or calling us. Please send an email requesting any of our service


    On recieving your email, we respond promptly to your email, giving you the price of the service and list of documents we need to process your request


    On receiving your documents and paymment, we start processing your request. Depending on the service, you will receive feedback from us in less than 24 hours


    Whatever of our service you are applying for, be sure of a positive feedback. We have developed our company to give customers 100% satisfaction

    Services From Students in ENC Network.

    This section contains services students render in different countries. We help link Students to clients

    Our Direct contact personels

    Our team is made up of people you can easily relate with. Talk with someone directly today
    Ifeoma Onuike
    +905428760525 (ifyo48@gmail.com)

    A Masters student in the department of Law (Girne American University)

    Key Quality

    She is dedicated and loves to see tasks completed

    Joshua Sopuru


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